"Fan"tastic Fridays!

"Fan"tastic Fridays!
Posted on 04/22/2020
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Fantastic FridayFantastic FridayEric Finke-Fantastic FridayJana Core

Even though school is shut down, "FANtastic" Fridays are still happening! Mr. Maurer is still randomly selecting Fantastic Friday winners each week. Check your school email and be sure to send him a picture of you in your red, white and black if he selects your name!!

Winners so far:

5th Grade-Cami Bailey
6th-no picture
7th- np picture
8th grade- no picture
Staff- Eric Finke


5th Grade-no picture
6th-no picture
7th- no picture
8th grade- no picture
Staff- Jana Core


5th - Tyler Tidwell
6th - Didn't send a picture back
7th - Emily Holbrook
8th - Didn't send a picture back
Staff - Mr. Tidwell

5th - no winner
6th - no winner
7th - Elijah Wolf
8th - Jackson Young
Staff - Ms. Strayer

Fantastic FridayFantastic Friday

Join us for "Fan"tastic Fridays every Friday at ILMS!!

Computer teacher and morning announcements motivational speaker, Mr. Mike Maurer, has declared all Fridays as "fantastic." Students and staff are encouraged to wear any Laker gear they have or simply red, black and white colors. Maurer explains it's an effort to celebrate our school spirit and increase unity. As you can see, a high percentage of students in class, in the cafeteria and in the hallways are already "fantastic!"

Maurer uses his computer skills to create a randomly selected list of students in each grade and one staff member each week. If your number is chosen and you are wearing Laker colors, you get a prize! (And if you're not wearing Laker colors, we'll hook you up!) His stash of incentives includes Laker shirts, lanyards, pop sockets, mugs and more.