ILMS Art Club Completes 1,000 Paper Cranes

ILMS Art Club Completes 1,000 Paper Cranes
Posted on 04/18/2019
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Paper Cranes ProjectPaper Cranes ProjectPaper Cranes ProjectPaper Cranes ProjectPaper Cranes Project
Indian Lake Middle School Art Club members are proud to have completed a special project to inspire hope and healing to those in and out of the ILMS community who are in any challenging situation. 

Throughout the year, trimester Art Club members in grades five through eight have been consistently folding paper cranes in the Japanese art of origami. This week they reached their goal of 1,000 cranes in a variety of bright colors.  

ILMS Art Club adviser and middle school art teacher Rebecca Dotson explains that the project is based on the true story of “Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes” written by Ronald Himler and Eleanor Coerr. In it, Hiroshima youngster Sadako falls ill with “atom-bomb disease" leukemia. Her best friend reminds Sadako of the Japanese legend saying if she folds a thousand paper cranes the gods will grant her wish to restore her health. However, Sadako does not reach her goal of 1,000 before she passes away. Her middle school classmates completed the remaining 356 cranes to reach Sadako's goal and they helped establish the Children's Peace Monument in Hiroshima, Japan by raising money along with other school children. Sadako has since become a symbol for peace and for the "Atomic Bomb Children.”

Dotson says the spring Art Club members recently learned the folding techniques and were eager to add theirs in to reach one thousand cranes. Dotson says the students were moved by the story and images of Sadako. Some kids can draw parallels to situations in their own lives.  

Dotson remarks,  “The students have been really dedicated to making the cranes. I show them how and they just take off with it. Some students take piles of the paper home with them and return with many cranes the next day and the process repeats.”

Now that one thousand cranes are completed, they will be permanently mounted in a special display at the school for all to see. Any extras will be given to the LoCo Art Spot, which is also collecting cranes for a similar project. 

Dotson says, “We wanted to do this project to remember everyone who has touched our lives with their positive attitude during their time of need, as well as those staff members, family and friends and our students who are currently in need of hope….Hope for cures from illness, hope for a better tomorrow or hope for basic needs. This project proves that together we can reach a goal to make the future brighter for everyone around us.”

Photo 1: ILMS Art Club members pose with the 1,000 paper cranes that they folded throughout the year. 

Front row: (left to right) Harly Kinninger, Carleah Barker, Reagan Rash, Augusta Biederman, Madison Burris, Ava Faler, Trey Barnes, Ryder Cundiff, Jocelyn Messer, Janelle Messer

Second row: (left to right) Jolee Reser, Mahalie Wood, Izzy Fauley, Cheyane Williams, Danica Braun, Kameryn Davis, Lily Butler, Madelyn Thompson, Hailey Hoffman, Kailin Fauley and Taylor Stroud. 

Third row: (left to right) Christopher Tims, Jaelyn Hughes, Riley Rash, Lynni Bristow, Maggie Reese, Kierra Saunders, Hannah Hoffman, Lindsey Thompson, Cambrie Warneke, Chloe Clark, Alyssa Powell and Katelynn Pippin.  

Back row: (left to right) Electra Bradshaw, Sierra DeWeese, Heidi Hoffman, Lauren Barhorst, Andrew Stroud, Kelsi Ullom, Mrs. Rebecca Dotson, Jessica Jacobs, Rachel Barnes and Layla Shirey.