ILMS Reopening Plan

ILMS Reopening Plan
Posted on 08/14/2020
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(This plan is subject to change)

Bus Drop-Off

All students will be required to wear a mask on the bus. Bus drop-off will begin at 7:40 am. Students will report directly to their homeroom, unless eating breakfast. 

Car Drop-Off

Students will be dropped off as usual on the side of the building nearest the stadium. We will utilize the entire sidewalk for drop off to help ease traffic. Students will report directly to their homeroom, starting at 7:40 am, unless eating breakfast. If dropped off before 7:40, students will sit in designated tables organized by grade level in the cafeteria.  Students may NOT be dropped off prior to 7:00.  Breakfast will begin at 7:30 am.


Students eating breakfast will sit in designated rows organized by grade level to encourage social distancing. This will be separate from students waiting to be dismissed to classrooms at 7:40 am. Students will line up for breakfast using social distancing guides placed on the floor.


Staff will be present in the hallways to monitor hallway traffic.  Students will be encouraged to carry what they need to minimize locker stops. Binders and classroom materials will be stored in classrooms to reduce hallway interaction.  Students will be encouraged not to go to their lockers when others are accessing their things next to their locker. Students will be permitted to carry water bottles which are clearly marked with their name.Touchless water bottle fillers will be available for refills. Students should move through the hallways on the right side of the hallway and will not congregate. We ask that students keep their hands off of walls and doors.


The number of students in the bathroom at one time must be limited. Signs will be posted to encourage this behavior and will be monitored. Bathrooms will be sanitized after every period. Handwashing is required!


Desks will be placed in rows and tables will be marked off to promote spacing. Students will not be arranged facing one another. Students will be spaced as far apart as possible to encourage social distancing.  Desks will be sanitized after every class period. Seating placement will be documented, switches will be limited and partner work will be organized. Hand sanitizer will be present, and students will be encouraged to sanitize their hands regularly. Doors will be open. Windows will be open when weather permits. At all times, students will wear masks and there will be no eating allowed. 


The number of students in the office at one time will be limited.  Social distancing guides will be placed to help ensure proper requirements are maintained.  


Each grade level will be split into two groups. Half of the students will eat at a time, with the other half at recess.  This will be conducted outside, weather permitting. Proper outdoor attire will be strongly encouraged. While eating, students will be spaced throughout the entire cafeteria and will have a documented seating chart.  Each table will have a limited number of spaces available. Tables will be sanitized after each round by a staff member. Students will maintain social distancing in the lunch line using floor markers. Students will not have self-service in the lunch line. All items will be handed or provided to them on their trays. Bathrooms in the cafeteria will be sanitized after each lunch period with a limited number of students allowed into each bathroom at a time. Students will need to ask the monitoring staff member to use the restroom. There will not be Catch-Up Cafe and no microwave will be available for students to utilize to heat up their lunch.


Recess will be held outside whenever possible and will follow social distancing guidelines. All equipment will be sanitized daily. Students will sanitize hands before and after recess times. Students will wear masks when outside if 6 feet of distancing can not be maintained.

Media Center

The media center will be closed. No book check-out will be available at this time. 

Gym Class

Students will still be required to change for gym class. Locker rooms and equipment will be sanitized after each class. Students must wear a mask if 6ft of social distancing is unable to be maintained. Class may be held outdoors, weather permitting.


If social distancing is not possible, the group will be split by section or into two spaces between two teachers. Hosting rehearsal in outdoor spaces will be encouraged and with weather permitting. Class times will be spaced out to help HVAC recirculate.


Students will be socially distanced. Students will be asked to be quiet in order to help speed the process. Dismissal rounds will remain the same.


Masks will be worn at all times, unless actively eating and drinking. This includes staff and students. Staff and students must also wear masks outside, if 6ft of distance is not able to be maintained.


No visitors will be permitted into the building except for those required by law. Required visitors must take and record their temperature on the sign in sheet beside the nurse’s office as well as follow all mask protocol.

Health Assessments

All students/staff should check their temperature before leaving home each day.  100.4 degrees or greater is the threshold for remaining at home.  

  • The school nurse will provide information to parents/guardians if a student is found to have a temperature above 100.4 while at school.  She will contact the parent/guardian and health department if needed.

  • Students/staff who are found to have a temperature of 100.4 or two COVID related symptoms during the school day will be directed to our Isolation Room, the first sick room in the Office.

  • The space will be disinfected immediately afterwards by the custodian.

  • All contact tracing and suspected COVID cases will be handled through the Logan County Health Department.