Living Wax Museum

Living Wax Museum
Posted on 02/12/2020
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Living Wax MuseumLiving Wax MuseumLiving Wax MuseumLiving Wax Museum

Historical figures, political leaders, athletes and cultural icons told their stories during the annual 5th grade Advanced Language Arts Living Wax Museum. They presented their speeches to their fellow ILMS fifth graders before the final round in front of parents, school board members and special guests. 

ALA teacher Cammie Honaker began this project six years ago. Students select a person and read either their biography or auto-biography. Then they further research that person and write a speech based on their subject's life. They also come up with an appropriate costume. During the presentations, they freeze, as if in a wax museum, until a crowd forms. Then they present their information. This year's speeches covered historical figures Amelia Earhart, John F. Kennedy, Elizabeth Ann Seton, Thomas Jefferson, Rosa Parks, Abraham Lincoln and Orville Wright, entertainer Carrie Underwood, athletes Derek Jeter and Florence Griffith Joyner and arts and sciences pioneers Adam Sandler, Jim Henson and Walt Disney.