Tracking Hummingbirds

Tracking Hummingbirds
Posted on 03/25/2021
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Tracking HummingbirdsTracking Hummingbirds

Get your feeders ready!! Indian Lake Middle School students are tracking the the migration of hummingbirds…and they could be arriving back in Ohio over our Spring Break!

Seventh grade science teacher Jana Core enjoys feeding and watching ruby-throated hummingbirds at her home. She created this giant map many years ago to hang at school to track their progress with students. 

She and her students monitor which tracks hummingbirds as they make their way from South America and Mexico, then on to Texas, Florida and finally up to Ohio. 

As a science lesson, seventh graders learn how the birds follow blooming flowers along their migratory path. Core says the exercise falls into studies of photosynthesis and biomes that are curriculum standards in 7th grade science. 

Core says former students and other teachers are always excited to see the giant map hung up because it signifies the countdown to spring and the return of beautiful creatures to our area. 

Experts predict hummingbirds will be back in our part of Ohio within the next two weeks.