Armstrong Air & Space Museum Fieldtrip

Armstrong Air & Space Museum Fieldtrip
Posted on 01/29/2024
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ILMS 5th graders took a field trip to the Armstrong Air and Space Museum recently. Students learned about the Wapakoneta native, Neil Armstrong, the first moon landing, and also the planets in our solar system. They also participated in a scavenger hunt, watched a video of the first moon landing and even got to be hands on with an activity called “Step Out.” It was to help students visualize just how far apart the planets truly are in space!
The trip ties right along into the space unit they are currently learning about in science class. In the coming week, students will finish researching and creating models of their favorite planet to share with their classmates. Projects will then be put on display during our annual Planet Palooza!
The field trip showed to be excellent inspiration for student projects, and also created a greater understanding of the planets that make up our solar system and the difficulties faced while trying to reach space.