6th Grade Riverboat Trip Information

6th Grade Riverboat Trip Information
Posted on 05/23/2024
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Dear Parents,

Our field trip to the Newport Aquarium and Riverboat is Wednesday, May 29th.  We wanted to send out this letter to inform you of all the last minute details.  Please make sure your child dresses appropriately that day.  They should dress nice if at all possible.  This means no holes in jeans or t-shirts.  Students will be allowed to move around on the boat once the lunch is over.  Part of the boat is exposed to outside weather, so please make sure they have a coat if it is cold or raining. Please consider putting sunscreen on in the morning before they come to school. 

There is a small gift shop at the Aquarium as well as on the boat where the students will be able to buy souvenirs if they want.  If students wish to purchase souvenirs, they need to bring extra money.  Please note that we are NOT requiring the students to bring extra money for anything.  Everything they NEED is already paid for.  

Students may bring their phones for the camera use only! No Social Media use is permitted!! If necessary teachers will confiscate the phone and parents can pick them up from the principal on the following school day.  Each bus has the capability of watching movies.  Your child may bring a G or PG rated movie if they would like.  They are not permitted to watch videos on their personal technology. 

Our itinerary for the day is as follows (times are approximate):

Bus leaves school 7:55

Arrive at Aquarium 10:00

Leave Aquarium 11:15

Board Boat 11:30

Sailing Time 12:00

Docking Time 2:00

Board Bus 2:15

Arrive Home 4:15-4:30

If you are chaperoning this trip, you must be at school in the morning by 7:30.  Please report to room B-17.

PARENTS MUST BE AT THE SCHOOL TO PICK UP THEIR CHILD BY 4:15-4:30!  If we will be later than 4:45, we will send out a one-call message.  Please pick your student up on the South end of the ILMS building in the bus parking lot. Students will not be permitted back in the building when we arrive back at school. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school at 686-8833, and ask to speak to Mrs. Reese.

Thanks again!

The 6th Grade Team