Guys In Ties

Guys In Ties
Posted on 12/20/2023
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Indian Lake's lead guy in a tie was the recent guest speaker for the middle school group with the great name.

The ILMS Guys In Ties welcomed IL Superintendent Dr. Rob Underwood for lunch and conversation before break. Mr. Underwood showed a video and talked to the sixth grade boys about understanding the "Why" behind their actions. Why am I acting this way? Why did I say that? He challenged them to think about the things they do and remember to live above the line. 

The ILMS Guys in Ties learned how to become actual guy in ties. They met with 6th grade teacher Mr. Burden during lunch. They covered a few hygiene topics, then watched a YouTube video on how to tie a Windsor knot. Then they practiced with their own ties. It was a challenge at first, but most of the guys were able to tie their own by the conclusion of the session. Well done!

The ILMS Guys in Ties are getting organized for the school year!
They met this week to review the ideals of their group--My Name, My Word, My Respect. The guys aim to keep a good name, act like gentlemen, have respect for others and be respected. They discussed looking the part of a gentleman by wearing a button down shirt, a tie, slacks, appropriate shoes, and possibly accessories. Each guy chose a donated tie and their button down shirts are on order.
Guys in Ties a voluntary lunch time group for sixth grade boys that meets a few times a month to discuss manners, behaviors and habits of respected individuals. It is led by sixth grade teacher Mr. Chris Burden and Indian Lake School Psychology Case Manager Jacob Dodds.