Welcome to ILMS with Orion and Mr. Maurer!

Welcome to ILMS with Orion and Mr. Maurer!
Posted on 08/13/2021
1Orion and MaurerBefore the end of the school year, upcoming 7th grader Orion Reames and ILMS Computer Teacher Mr. Maurer produced a series of videos to welcome fifth grade and new students to ILMS!! They give you the ins and outs of the 5th grade hallway, the related arts spaces, lunch time and the cafeteria, the main office and more!! You can learn more from Orion and Mr. Maurer every Friday morning on the ILMS announcements during their show "Mysteries from Orion's Belt."

You can check out all the videos here!

Tour of 5th Grade Hallway

Related Arts Tour

Office Tour

Lunch Line Tour

Media Center Tour

End of Day